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Can you sit in beaded shorts?

May 31, 2015

The answer is NO.

I picked up these beautiful beaded shorts from Sass and Bide with the intention of wearing it to a friend’s engagement party. At the time of purchase I made the mistake of not trying to squat or sit in these shorts. One must always try to squat or sit in shorts/pants/and or skirts prior to the purchase.
ALWAYS, no exception.

On the way to the engagement party, I quickly realised that I couldn’t actually get in the car and stay in an upright sitting position. Thank to the stiff material and embellishments, I was forced to recline in a very unladylike like position. I did feel fabulous when standing up right though. So, I guess it was worth it.

Sass and Bide silk top and embellished shorts
Lipstik sandals
Fox collective handbag and
Mimco watch.

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